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Designing a new feature for a learning community to discuss their interests

User Experience Design · Interface Design

Skillshare is an online community where members can explore thousands of classes, network with peers and potential employers, and showcase their talents to the world.

Michael Karnjanaprakorn asked me to team up with him designing their new feature that allows any member to join groups around similar professional interests. Think of it as the “Slack for Professional Interests.” For six weeks I worked closely with the Mobile Director and Product Manager to define the user flow, strategize the content and design the interface.

User flow and information architecture exploration

When I started the project, I defined a simple user flow to begin the process and asked a lot of questions that Skillshare team were still not sure to give the answers; hence the team asked me to explore those questions and turn it into some possible ideas. We time-boxed our first two weeks to explore those ambiguities and come up with ideas for the user flow and content.

During the process, I had quite a lot of pairing-sessions with Chris (Mobile Director) to help me tighten up the ideas, and later he communicated it to the rest of the team and Michael.

Interface design

The level of detail of wireframes made in the previous phase was quite high, but that didn't limit me to keep doing some experiments on the interface design. I had two weeks which was practically enough to experiment and test the interface into different scenarios and edge cases that could happen. On this phase, Chris actively helped in making sure the design in regards to technical development whether we might have issues on actualizing the design. Chris also asked me to quickly prototype some of the interaction, to look for potentials whether we can have a little touch of interaction and animation that improves the experience for users.

The result

Two weeks toward the end of the project, the Skillshare team finally had some solid decision for the MVP. They wanted to launch the feature as soon as possible, to test the water. So, they decided to withdraw some of the details and put it in an icebox.

"Thomas's craft and adaptability allowed us to test new ideas quickly and iterate towards short and long term goals. A real pleasure working together."


Chris Boardman



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Thomas is always full of creative ideas to improve our designs. I have no issue in recommending him to others.

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