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Designing an MVP for the future of urban logistics and last-mile delivery service

User Experience Design · Interface Design · Front-end development · Brand & Marketing Design

Etobee was born in 2015 as a technology company to solve all the complexities and problems in logistics.

E-commerce growth drives the logistics and supply chain industries to grow and digitally transformed. Sven Milder, our founder, has the vision to change the face of urban logistics and last-mile shipments for online stores by applying technology to provide value that has never existed before. Technology enables Etobee to provide speed and control for their customers with on-demand service and other features such as real-time tracking, ease of payment, and paperless transactions.

I joined Etobee amid their preparation to launch their MVP. It was chaotic, as you have imagined, a startup in the middle of the process of turning an idea into a product. I was involved in various jobs, from research, design product and marketing to development.

A mobile app for customers.

Having a little time and questioning a lot of things, we strove on designing the MVP for the customer app. The deeper we tried to understand the problems, the more we had questions and ideas. Priorities and strategies were becoming vital in that phase. We determined to meticulously work only on specific features that support the customer's main journey.

Customers use the mobile app to book, find couriers around them, pick up the item and deliver it. It seems pretty straight-forward, yet it wasn't that simple to pinpoint the actual needs, pain points and make sure the experience we provide on each journey is on point. Through numerous iterations, we refined the experience on the booking journey based on feedback from customers once they finished their delivery.

An Android app for couriers.

Designing a mobile app for couriers was a unique experience for me. I think it was the first time for me designing mostly for people with low-tech. I was made several times not to believe that there were several user interfaces that should generally be used but failed to understand by them.

The app is pretty much simple. It does a job for couriers to receiver orders, follow the steps and confirm the status in each step. The challenging part was making sure that every part of the interface is easy and fast to understand. Empathy was our currency.

A transport management system for logistic partners.

Etobee creates a partnership with logistics companies to enable their couriers for getting orders from our platform. Within the partnership, we provide a web-based application called Transport Management System (TMS) for them to control and monitor orders, couriers, and income.

The result

For almost eight months (from July 2015 to March 2016) I helped Etobee to design all three touch points: a mobile app for users, a mobile app for drivers and a transport management system. I was also involved in several projects for their brand activation campaign and event.

As time goes by, Etobee continues to grow and integrate their logistics services with financial services. As time goes by, Etobee continues to grow and integrate their logistics services with financial services. Then, in 2018, they also changed their name to Finfleet.


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